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Jesse Walker @ BB:2007 — Beyond Broadcast 2008: Mapping Public Media Archive

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Jesse Walker @ BB:2007

by Christin Roman
 posted February 15th.

Jesse Walker is one of the regular writers who’s made Reason one of the most compelling and broad-ranging political magazines to date, covering everything from the legal regulation of user-generated content sites to the poetic genius of James Brown. The magazine itself is refreshingly unpolitical, though its writers cover the news with a libertarian slant. The magazine’s more candidly political little sister blog, Hit & Run, has been named one of the best political blogs by Washingtonian, Playboy, and others.

While Jesse covers a lot of ground in his writing, including interests in participatory media and how it fits into today’s legal, marketing, and government regulatory worlds, it’s obvious from his hardcover writing where his real passion for broadcast culture comes from- radio. His 2002 publication “Rebels on the Air: An Alternative History of Radio in America” covers the evolution of community, alternative and pirate radio, emphasizing all forms of independent radio as essential components to a healthy democratic media.

Jesse will be moderating the opening panel of Beyond Broadcast, Participatory Culture, with Susan Buice and Arin Crumley, of Four Eyed Monsters, Kenny Miller, of MTV Global Digital Media Team, and Elizabeth Osder, of Yahoo! Media Group.

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  1. Elizabeth Osder @ BB — Beyond Broadcast 2007: from Participatory Culture to Participatory Democracy Archive Said:

    […] If anyone wants to accuse newspapers and mass media with not keeping up with the Internet revolution, they should take a look at the career of Elizabeth Osder. As an editor, producer and consultant for a number of companies (including Yahoo!, the New York Times, NPR, TimeWarner, etc.), Osder has been helping traditional media firms expand their services online for the last decade. She herself states in her Yahoo! 360 profile: “[I’ve] been working on the internet railroad since 1993 when I put down my camera and got sucked down the information super highway. It’s been an adventure, that has wrapped life and work together and proven that it’s the journey not the destination.” Along with MTV’s Kenny Miller, Reason’s Jesse Walker, and the Four Eyed Monsters, Osder will be participating in the Participatory Culture panel at this year’s Beyond Broadcast. […]

  2. Panel I: Participatory Culture — Beyond Broadcast 2007: from Participatory Culture to Participatory Democracy Archive Said:

    […] Jesse Walker, Managing Editor, Reason Magazine will moderate the panel. Panelists include Arin Crumley of the Four Eyed Monsters, Kenny Miller, Executive VP and Creative Director, MTV Global Digital Media Team and Elizabeth Osder, Senior Director, Product Development, Yahoo! Media Group. […]

  3. Kenny Miller @ BB: Participatory Culture — Beyond Broadcast 2007: from Participatory Culture to Participatory Democracy Archive Said:
    February 21st, 2007 at 12:00 pm

    […] Thanks to Kenny Miller, American teenagers are probably better informed about the confusing world in which they live and somewhat prepared to cope with the angst that defines adolescence. They’re also probably behind on their homework. Miller, after all, is responsible for the huge popularity of The N, the nighttime network for teens, Video on Demand, and The N’s digital platform the-n.com. Along with Elizabeth Osder of Yahoo!, the Four Eyed Monsters, and Reason’s Jesse Walker, Miller will be participating in our first panel of the day, Participatory Culture. […]

  4. SchardtMedia.org » The Maker is Queen and five other ideas. Said:

    […] 1. The Maker is Queen. We had Content is King, then Context is King, then I think we went back to Content is King for awhile. We’re now in a period where the Maker is King… er… let’s say queen. The Maker is Queen. Reason magazine’s Jesse Walker put it, “We’ve let the tinkerers back in.” We have the top stakeholders in the industry locked-down privately, working on agreed upon terms for the way forward. It’s important work. I don’t know the details of what’s on the table, but some of these folks look awfully tired. The reality is, too, that — from YouTube to Flickr to myspace, and yes, in public radio — we’re in a golden age for The Maker. The next big ideas that will shape our new direction are incubating and emerging, percolating up from the bottom from producers and some stations where the stakes may not be quite so high and the upside potential exhilirating to consider. […]

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