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Beyond Broadcast 2008: Mapping Public Media

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Beyond Broadcast, June 17 2008, Washington DC

The theme of this year’s conference will be “Remapping Public Media” –our focus is on visualizing the evolution and impact of media for public knowledge and action. We also want to harness the energy that’s currently coursing through the participatory mapping field, demonstrating how users and media-makers are creating eye-popping maps that illuminate issues and help build new communities online and on land. Watch this space for more details on the conference space and schedule, and we hope to see you there!


This blog is now old news

Visit our new Beyond Broadcast 2008 site for details on the conference. Interested in participating? Join the Beyond Broadcast social network.

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Not remapping, just mapping…

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Who will be at Beyond Broadcast 2008?

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Beyond Broadcast 2008: Remapping Public Media

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Working Groups

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Henry Jenkins, Keynote

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Welcome to Beyond Broadcast 2007. We’re delighted that you’re part of the sold-out crowd this year, and we’re sure that this year will build on the energy and success of last year’s event. Thanks for joining us at MIT. Don’t worry, the nerds won’t bite.

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